This is not quite an Ancient Numismatics Page, nor a "My Summer Vacation" Travel Page. It aspires to have an element of the first and shamelessly concedes an aspect of the latter. I collect ancient coins and want to present a view of a few, as they are otherwise confined to a safety deposit box. I do love to travel and take pictures and share a shot or two. For this page, I'd like to do both -- but only in combination.

This attempt at my own Web Pages Site begins with only a few coin sites, but will expand gradually. I start with the two great cities of the Ancient Western World: Athens and Rome. (These two pages are recently revised with the additions of my photographic digital creations.) They are followed by sites of Magna Graecia (because I returned from Southern Italy in the spring of 1999 greatly impressed by the art wonders I found in a land of my family heritage), and Etruria (my land of mythic, archetypal heritage). I slipped in China (along with Egypt) ahead of schedule because of my and my wife's recent trip to China (and to Egypt earlier with our daughter), excited by the exotic wonders we all photographed. This site's final section on Italy (Republican, Imperatorial and Imperial Rome) now has tentative closure -- expanded by the coinage of Marcus Aurelius and the Golden Age Emperors. This site will continue also to develop coin pages for other ancient regions around the world: Greece (opened with Corinth), Asia Minor (opened with Paphos/ Knidos), the Bible Lands (opened with Masada, Israel) and Byzantium (opened with Constantinople). No, I don't have a lot of time on my hands. Construction will proceed slowly -- please be patient.

My Name is Tom. If you'd like to find out more about the specific sites or coins (or provide some constructive criticism about my Web Page), please e-mail me:

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MENU of Sites of the Celators!


First stop? Athens and the ancient agora!

Click Athena to go to the Athenian Mint!

Next stop? Rome and the Capitoline Mint, on the site that gave money its name!

Click Caesar to go to THE Capitol!


Next stop? The mysterious Campanian Cave of Magna Graecia's oldest Greek colony!

Click the Nymph Kyme (or is she the Sibyl?) to go to Cumae!

Next stop? Taras and an urban ruins site of Magna Graecia's Ancient Calabria!

Click Poseidon's Son to go to Taras!

Next stop? Metapontion and a ruins site amidst the grain fields of Magna Graecia's Ancient Lucania!

Click Demeter to go to Metapontion!

Next stop? The Riace Warriors of Magna Graecia's Ancient Bruttium!

Click Rhegion's Lion to visit the marvels of its Lungomare!

Next stop? Akragas and the temples between Sicily's sky and sea!

Click Poseidon's Crab to go to Akragas!

Next stop? Syracuse, Sicily: Magna Graecia's most prestigious city by the 5th C. BCE!

Click the Nymph Arethusa to go to Siracusa!


Next Stop? Etruria's major mint site, in Populonia!

Click the Gorgoneion to go to Etruria's great harbor!

Next Stop? The great Arch of Ancient Volaterrae!

Click Janus, God of Archways, to go to Volterra!


Next Stop? The superb ancient art treasures of Naples!

Click Apollo, God of the Fine Arts, to go to Ancient Neapolis!


Next Stop? The Roman Republic's Forum Boarium!

Click The Dioscuri and ride back to the 2nd C. BCE!

Next Stop? Imperatorial Rome: THE FORUM!

Click Mark Antony and visit the Rostra of his great Oration!

Next Stop? Imperial Rome: a Hero and 12 Caesars!

Click the Triumphal Quadriga and behold in Perugia the Magnificent Bronze Germanicus!

Next Stop? Imperial Rome: a Philosopher and 5 Golden Age Emperors!

Click the Young Marcus Aurelius and visit his Triumphal Equestrian Statue on Capitoline Hill!

There's more of Imperial Rome under construction.

GREECE : Greek and Roman Periods

Next Stop? The Land of the Winged Horse!

Click Pegasos and Fly to Corinth!

There's more of Greece under construction.

ASIA MINOR : Persian, Greek and Roman Provincial

Next Stop? The Divine Birthing Seas between Knidos and Paphos!

Click Aphrodite and be transported to her Great 11th C. BCE Temple!

There's more of Asia Minor under construction.


Next Stop? Ptolemic Egypt!

Click Cleopatra's portrait to go to her Great Egyptian Temple!

Next Stop? The wonders of China's ancient Qin Dynasty!

Click the Chinese Characters to go to Ancient Xi'an, the first capital of unified China!


Next Stop? The Dead Sea, Judean Desert and Moab Mountains of Israel!

Click The 1/8 Shekel's Chalice and ascend to the fortress of Masada!

There's more of Bible Lands under construction.


Last Stop (for now) ? One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World -- in Constantinople!?!

Click Julian II and tour the Old Constantinople of the Last Pagan Emperor!

There's more of Byzantium under construction.

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Created: May, 1999; Revised: July, 2000

Coming Soon: The exotic places and coin Goddesses of Anatolia and Greece -- Ephesos, Troy and Minoan Knossos! <BGSOUND SRC="airforg.mid">