Welcome to the lovely Beefcake Hills Golf Club. I am your head professional Beefcake. All that is important to you now is and really great links. (Like my cyberbud, Kate Gehman's "Crash Landing" banner. You must go see it after you finish with my page!)So let's tee it up. Be sure to cross all fairways at 90 degrees, rake all traps, replace all divots, and at this course, take your time and let others play through. Oh yeh, and PLEASE!! sign my guestbook at the 19th hole!

Well actually my real name is Tim Paulin. But you can learn more about me later.(Or at least as much as I feel you should be allowed to know.) My page involves three main activities. First and formost this page is a very productive waste of your time.(If there is anything that can be classified as a productive waste of time, then this is it!) Second is a chance for you to improve your golf game. Because we all want to be better golfers. And last but not least, a chance to view some of my all time fav sites. (Kate Gehman's Crash Landing kicks @ss!) So in a recap the description of my page is:
A Good Waste of Time
Golf Tips
Fav Links(Not all up yet!)

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Please come in and sign my guestbook. This is your chance to ask me any golf questions you may have. Whether its a golf tip (I'm majoring in Pro Golf Management and plan to become a PGA teaching instructor), a course recommendation (I'll try to give a fair judgment), or an equipment question, don't hesitate to ask. Just come in, fill out the questionare and ask your question in the comments box. I will then find your answer and respond back to you as soon a possible. ENTER NOW!!

Email me at tpaulin98@hotmail.com I'm not finished yet so in the meantime...
Please come back soon and visit me.

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