The Sixty/Forty Project
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You got me.  My pictures, thoughts, ideas, goings-on... ya know.  In recent years I realized how it has become increasingly difficult to stay in contact with family and friends.  Work and play in my small daily life take up most of my time both day and night.  So I said to myself, "Dude, put up a webpage so you can keep up with people."  So here goes nothing...
What's all this "Sixty/Forty" crap?  It's somewhat of a personal philosophy.  Don't read too much into it... it's not big deal.  But for me it's a way to help keep things in persepective and just live a better life.  So, "The Sixty Forty Project" is me, trying to better myself, if only a bit.  Click the link if you care to read more
Sixty/Forty Principle
A bad night's sleep?  Who cares?  I sure do.  I used to think sleep just happened when it could and that it just wasted hours that I could be doing other things.  How wrong I was!  Curious to why I put so much stock in such a non-activity?  Click the link.
Where do I live?  Dallas!  I love this city.  Not too long ago I was actually quite apprehensive about living here.  But in traveling and living other places, I've come to know just how cool a city I live in now.  Also, I am aware of the naysayers... and I hear ya.  I was one too.  It's funny though... get IN the actual city and it comes alive.  There is so much cool stuff to see/hear/do/experience that I could live ten lives and not do it all.  Hang out in the wrong place and it's Bore-ville... uneducated visitors often do this... so sad.  Know where to go and you'll think you found whole new cities w/in the city... trust me... this city rules!
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Dallas is cool
Live music rules.  I'm in two bands (I play guitar... mostly) and I love experiencing live music from any angle.  Heck, I love recorded music too... I just love music... above most everthing else actually.
Live Music (under construction)
Music you never heard but should
Wanna know what I think?  I doubt you do so I won't shove it down your throught.  But if you care, click below to a scramble of some of my opinions.  PLEASE keep in mind that most are fairly raw thoughts... don't take it TOO seriously  :-)
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