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HI!  My Name is Rob White.  I am currently a Sophomore at Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY.  I am also an Enrollee in the United States Marine Corps. Platoon Leader Program.  From there I hope to advance to flight training so that I can become a pilot of USMC Cobra attack helicopters or FA-18 Hornet fighter jets like these.

Small, Agile and Deadly!High Flying Precision Technology!

Now that you're done oggling the weapons of destruction, why don't I tell you a little about me and then you can check out all the cool stuff (I think) that I've loaded my page up with.

I am an English Major at Ithaca College, with a Minor in Politics.  I'm 19 years old and unfortunately I am currently single.  I have all kinds of whacky interests and hobbies which I hope to showcase on this page when I have it running fully.  Right now the place is a little barren but I'm working on beefing it up.  Anyway, I am originally from Philadelphia, Pa.  But for educational reasons I live in Ithaca, NY as well.  If you're not familiar with Ithaca, you might know the area because Cornell University is also in Ithaca, NY.  However, I don't go there because I slacked off in high school. Ah, who needs that kind of hassle anyway.

   Rob and John's 2nd acid-tongued commentary! 

Awesome Sound Files:

Simpsons Sounds:

Chief Wiggum responding to a call
Krusty speaking his mind
Chief Wiggum persuades from above
Homer preaches tolerance

Cool Simpson's Movies:

The birds, bees and bunnies
To protect, serve and drink
Kung-Fu fighting

The Philadelphia Flyers, The Best Team in the NHL

Now with Paul Coffey!

Check out the site of the local Star Trek chapter in Ithaca.  For the discerning trekkie geek.


Perhaps you'd like to find out more about opportunities in the Marine Corps.


College is nothing without good beer.  So find out about America's Oldest and Best Brewery

Try Their Lager!

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