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Happy Hobbes

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Before I start, let me first make it clear that this page is absolutely no match for any other Calvin and Hobbes page that there is "out there". It's merely a way of expressing my enjoyment of Bill Watterson's two cute cartoon characters and if you're looking for a comprehensive index of gifs, then you may as well look elsewhere, cuz I don't have the inclination, (or the web space!) to have them all here. Sorry, but. :-)
Oh, and also you'll have to forgive me for the simplicity of the page and what some of you will probably regard as downright shoddiness in my html script (perlease don't do a 'view source'!), but it's my first attempt. So nerr.

Dancing Calvin

Well, where was I? ... You're prolly wondering why such a mature woman as myself is interested in a silly little comic strip, and that I should be busy in my studies or doing the cooking for my hubby. Well, that's all well and good, cept for a few minor details.
i) "mature woman"?? me?? Naaaaaaaah
ii) "studies"?? me?? Naaaaaaah
iii) "cooking"?? me?? God forbid!
iv) and besides, my hubby, the absolutely gorgeous Dave, has his Wile E. Coyote page, so why can't I be just as daft? :-)

C&H in Wagon

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I first got into Calvin and Hobbes when I was a liddle biddie girlie ... not that long ago really. I collected a few of his books and was enchanted by the two of them. There's just *something* about them. Mebbe when Dave and I get round to having kids they'll be just the same. But I bloody hope not! Anyways, when my life started to get interesting, I put aside all childish things in favour of going out, getting rat-arsed and generally having fun. But now I'm old and wrinkly (and being married has summint to do with it too :-)), I seem to have regressed, with the help of our mate Steve, to a stage where Calvin and Hobbes can once again be a part of my life. Sad, innit??

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... if you're not already completely bored or disheartened by the lack of any sign of class in these here pages, here's the inevitable links to my next pages...

Please view this page before visiting the rest of my site.

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A gallery of my favourite Calvin and Hobbes pictures, including some great animations

Some Calvin and Hobbbes Backgrounds, Colourbars and buttons

Links to some other great pages about Calvin and Hobbes and other stuff

"Calvin and Hobbes" is a comic strip made by Bill Watterson along with Universal Press Syndicate. All pictures of Calvin or Hobbes were originally created by Bill Watterson.

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Credit for some of the ideas on these pages goes to my hubby, Dave.

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