Junior Troop 286

Welcome to Troop 286's Home Page. We are members of the Manatee Shores Service Unit, Citrus Council of Girl Scouts.

We are happy to annouce that you are visitor number to our sight! Thank you for coming!

Who We Are

Our Members

Jessica Jenny T. Kathrine
Janice Heather Angela Anna
Ashleigh Julia Kayleigh

How about cruising into our Junior Page to learn more about us, some of us are even looking for Pen Pals! You'll find out something special about each of us! So be brave and take the plunge!

Our Troop Activities

Don't leave without checking out our Activities Page! This is where you'll learn why our leaders will need all kinds of prayers to help keep them going!

How about those Links? We have plenty, our Web Mom really did a good job! We have Scout links, Craft links, and Food/Recipe links. So take a look at the Links Page! You don't want to miss it!

We finally have a Guestbook, and, IT WORKS! Won't you please sign our guestbook? Just click on the picture!

Now what do you think of our homepages? How about sending us a letter and tell us what you think. We'd love to hear from you!

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