EWaspen Blackclaw

   Headstrong, fearless son of an Isbu Warrior and a Free Woman of Treve, both long gone to the City of Dust. Sun-baked flesh of golden brown stretches over the rippled muscles of his chest, covered with a tabuk leather vest, fringed leggings encase muscular thighs, well worn boots laced to the knees speak of the many paths he has walked. My hair is black as the night, my face mirrors that of my father with one exception, startling blue eyes. For 27 turnings I have lived with my fathers people, now I am of Treve, sworn to the Homestone. I share my fathers taste for the wasicu woman as I have taken as my mate Sorcha Relious...a woman of great beauty and grace.

   My manner is gruff, I tolerate no disrespect, I am demanding, long to anger, but to test me is to feel my sting.

   Among my possessions the slaves

wee kettle girl

IxI jasmine IxI

En-Sword, House Mystic Steel

Hail Treve