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[IMAGE : Michael checking the times]

The Michael Factor - surf.to/the.michael.factor

My personal tribute to my favorite Formula 1 driver, Michael Schumacher. Everything you want to know about Michael is here (well, almost!). World Champion in 1994 and 1995, he had an uphill battle in 1996 to say the least, at least 1997 was better. Maybe this year Michael can do it!

[IMAGE : Ralf getting into the cockpit]

Ralf Schumacher

Michael's younger brother is also in Formula 1, driving alongside Michael's former rival and 1996 World Champion Damon Hill. Ralf has managed to qualify at least as well as his teammate, and put in a superb drive to score Jordan's first point for the year at Silverstone. Let's hope Ralf can continue in the same vein.

[IMAGE : Can you tell who's who?]

How to tell teammates apart - jump.to/teammates

Ever been watching a Formula 1 race, and been unable to tell the two drivers from the same team apart? Well, read this guide to telling driver A from B, the good driver from the bad, without giving yourself eye strain as you search for the numbers on the cars? What do you mean you didn't know they had numbers on the cars? Well, you're not the only one!

[IMAGE : Start of 1998 British GP]

Formula 1 stats

The premier motor racing series, teams consisting of two drivers and their cars race on circuits around the world in the hope that they will be World Champion. Here's a page full of facts and figures for every driver and team, including archive results for each driver.

[IMAGE : Michael Schumacher at Magny-Cours]

Formula 1 and other motorsport info

An index of pages covering many different motorsport topics. A large list of F1 links are contained here, with links to most drivers' and teams' home pages, as well as sites containing results and pics.

[IMAGE : The Experience]

The Experience

Visit the home of South Australia's own Amiga demo group, The Experience.

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