Tired of banging yer kneecaps on them cages crawling next to you??

Save some scrap of that humanity.. take the long way 'round!!

well... for anyone who's checked in here AT ALL over the last few years, ya know I ain't been around :) let's just say I got sideswiped momentarily and leave it at that.

If you've got any current info on runs coming up let me know and if can pull my head out long enough, I will post them!!

What else can I say.. some pertinent helmet info for good ol' oregon - If yer here in the state, perk up and call yer legislators!! We've got a good chance of turning this thing around!! (ok.. so we might have to arm wrestle Kitzhaber first... notta very big obstacle when ya stop and think about it)

Tired of vegging out in front of the TV????

A little too lathargic from that lonnnng wait for back ordered parts, or lack of cash???


It's FUN!!

It's Entertaining!! and CHEAP!!

Ya never know what'll happen next, and hell if yer single it might be the place to meet that biker guy (or gal..) you've been moping for all winter!! (and if ya do get lucky.. in between gropes and slurps and kisses, tell 'em to repeal that frigging helmet law!)

Welp that's about it unless ya wanna here about me.. (there was a cute pic here but alas, I NUKED IT... I get over being shy, maybe I'll toss it back up...)

They say quick is painless in tattoos and love so here goes: Yes, I'm a girly.. been riding and working on my scoots near 12 years now.. currently mingling in the back forty (waiting patiently for the 3 feet o'mud to travel elsewhere..) is my '50 Pan, & '47 Knuck. ((been paying attention? wanna know what happened to the flatty?? She went on t'greener pastures, & from what I hear, she's looking awfully sweet these days))
I'd say more but I don't wanna spoil the fun...

Interested in the drags?? WANNA KNOW MORE?? Click Here!!

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