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dreams do not always come true; no matter how hard you try...
...but you can do your best.

lessons are not always learned; no matter how grave the error...
...but at least you can refine your approach.

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Welcome to GeoCities!
Gender: Me man.. you woman
Status: Not single ^,^
Age: 267 months old
Zodiac: Half human, half horse
From: EaStsYdE PrYdE hahah
Lifestyle: User currently has no life - please check back again in a little while
Ethnicity: Yellow


* LAST UPDATED ON: Saturday March 9, 2002 *

---> I`m stressed out!

It is currently on in Vancouver, British Columbia CANADA


2X the trouble with my twin-bro Justin! (Can you tell which one is me? heheh)
Hey there! Welcome to my page & thanks for visiting. As you can probablytell by now, I reside in the beautiful city of Vancouver on the western coast of Canada. Growing up here has been an extremely enjoyable experience. Am I biased? Probably, but I`m proud of my home, my lifestyle and everything else to do with it & there`s nothin` wrong with that right? =) Some people will try to convince you that they`ve done everything and that they`re totally bored with where they are. If you are one of these people - I seriously pity you. "Don`t believe anything until you`ve experienced it for yourself."
I try to live life with an objective point-of-view. Keeping an open mind, not only to new things, but to everything in general, is one of my greatest goals in life. I have a long way to go though. An example? Sure. I look around myself sometimes and think `hmm.. how come all my friends are Asian?` I guess my mind is not as open as I thought it was~ Anybody watch The Matrix? "Free your mind Neo..." It`s not that easy here in the real world. How free is your mind? "Balance is the key to many of life`s greatest challenges."
Have you noticed the images along the way here? Well although I wouldn`t go as far as to say that they`re `carefully selected icons of my life;` they are some of my current favourites. Yes, I enjoy photography. I like raves I like clubs I like parties. I`d want to travel more too. If you see anything on my page that interests you, feel free to find me on


Cars are cool too.I must admit; it IS a rather expensive hobby but oh well, whatever makes [me] happy i guess~ When I first started dabbling with my car I was like `$50 for clear reflectors? Are yououtta your DAMN mind?!?` now I`m like `2bills? WoW so cheap! Is it hot or somethin`!?` hehe well maybe that`s a slight exaggeration but nonetheless carsare coool. -=VROOOM VROOOOOOM!
- 1998 Gen5 Honda Prelude Power -
The University of British Columbia has a big, beautiful campus and is a wonderful place to meet new friends and, of course, to learn. Studying at UBC has taught me many things but there are some phenomena that I swear I will never understand. Namely, what is it with criminals and vehicle vandalism?!? I have had more than enough of these losers MOLESTING my car. On the day I am crowned Supreme Dictator of Earth I will declare the RAPE of VIRGINAL automobiles as a crime to be dealt with by the severest forms of capital punishment at my disposal. MUAHAHAHAHAH "I hereby vow to my myself (and also to anyone who is reading this) that I will never, ever forgive the b*tch-@$$ motherf*ckers who TORE THE SPOILER RIGHT OFF OF MY POOR BABY."
There is so much that I have yet to say but I cannot possibly go on indefinitely. I`d bore the panties & thongs off of ya! heha j/k but seriously though: When it comes to friends & family, there is NO way thati`m gonna be able to thank each of you individually.I`m sorry =(I`d hate to be so generic but`you know who you are.` I must, however, thank my mom&dad for all the love they haveand continue toshare with me. Once again, please forgive me if I`ve failed to erect a monument to you on my page.. don`t assume, not evenfor a moment, that I don`t remember or care about how you`ve enriched my life. "Assuming makes an A$$ of U and ME = A$$ | U | ME."

^ A collage with many of my friends & mini-shoutouts below
A special shoutout to the (little) person that I could simply not live without; my Baebea: words could not even begin to describe how I feel for you... when I`m with you, nothing else seems to matter. When I`m not with you, all I can do is think about how happy & lucky I am to have someone like you~ I LOVE YOU =) rar rar rar HIC HIC! ^,^ ps - I had a great reading break with you (even though I don`t think we actually did any reading)! Harrison Hot Springs was really relaxing too but maybe next time it`ll actually stop raining you think? hehe oh and you know what.. I`m so scared... final exams are coming SOON. "My world exists only because you are in it..."

Designation: TCB007 Callsign: "Jay-T" Ranking Position: CEO, President & Dictator Location: Vancouver, B.C. [604] Current Assignment: UBC Field of Specialty: English Language Contact: "..."

(partial TCB group pic b4 "BlitZ" on 11/26/99)