Welcome Chummers to these FREEWARE Matrix tools...

These programs are probably meaningless to all people not knowing about the Shadowrun Roleplaying Game System.
All others cannot believe their dreams finally came true!
Using these tools you can surf the Matrix on your Computer in a DOOM like environment!
Today's technology is used to give you the feeling of the Matrix in 2052!
Save a lot of time. You will love netrunning now! Look at the screenshots below.

[New] (2008/10/28) Updated contact information.

[New] (2006/05/19) Uploaded source and binaries to sourceforge.net/projects/cyberspace. This will hopefully reduce the traffic here.

[New] (2004/08/01) Mirror site in the download section, since Geocities limits download traffic per month...

[New] 2.8 (2000/01/24) Source code release (GNU license) and changes in installation. It is a self-extracting archive now.

[New] 2.8 (1999/05/28) Full version is now FREEWARE!!! Download it in the download section.

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[animated fire]

Here you can find a commented link page to all Geocitizens which are Shadowrunners!!!

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Hoi Decker!

[Screencopy of Cyberspace]

Hoi Gamemaster!

[SPU at Observation Range] [SM at Sensor Range] [Satellite-IOP at Sensor Range]

What is Real Time Decking?

Real time decking is a new feature to bring more life to runs, to make them more DOOM-like. The SR combat system is action- and turn-based. For this reason the former 1.x versions of the Cyberspace/Matrix emulator have waited for your action (e.g. loading a program, executing a program, triggering a system operation), before resolving ICE's actions. With version 2.x you can switch on real time decking, which grants you a customizable amount of time to decide which action to choose. If you wait longer, you loose one action.

Any questions left?

Download the program package from here. Follow the links in case of installation problems or questions about ordering. If you have further problems or unanswered questions: Contact the author.

E-mail or call me for questions, suggestions, and registration:
Stefan Markgraf
Phone: +49 176 10153085
Email: icetoaster at gmail.com (sorry I got 11 spam mails per day, when I write "@" instead of " at ")


Sorry, this program does not support VR 2.0 rules! This would require a totally different concept.

Shadowrun (TM) and Matrix (TM) are registered trademarks of FASA Corporation. This program package should be viewed as an hommage to these systems, and not as challenge to those copyrights.

This Shadowrun Webring site is owned by icetoaster at gmx.de. Icetoaster.

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