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Here's what Out Magazine's Gay and Lesbian Guide to the Web says about this site!
"With a name like Skippy's Queer World, it has to be good. Queer media, queer activism, queer places to go and spend money; yep, Skippy has covered all the bases. Don't miss his "Kweer Kennel," now boarding guys' home pages from all over cyberspace.".
Another West Hollywood Site Supporting Disney's Family Values

Queer Resources on the WWW

Queer Places to Go and Spend Money

Queer Media

Queer Activism

AIDS and HIV Informational Sites

Enemies of the Queer

Fighting the Enemies of the Queer

  • Hate Watch- keeping track of all hate groups on the WWW
  • Ex-Ex-Gay- the truth about the "Ex-Gay" movement

Queer Spirituality

Skippy's Queer Fun Stuff

Skippy's Queer Obsessions (Yum!!)

Queer Guys Homepages!

Skippy's Kweer Kennel
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