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October 2005
After years of ignoring it, I've decided to complete my India/Thailand travelougue.

Hi, my name is Mike, and this site is a collection of a few travel stories and pictures from some of the trips that I've done. I fall somewhere in the middle as far as travellers go - maybe 20 months of international travel, and 12 months of domestic travel in my 30-something years. Not too shaby, but there are plenty of people whose travel histories I admire more than my own. That said, I still feel that I have something to share from the travelling that I've done.

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Last update October 10th 2005
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The images and sounds on these pages came from the Blizzard Entertainment game/addiction, Warcraft II. Buy it now and ruin your relationship. The icons were created using SoftImage 3D to render and colour reduce them. These pages were created using MS Developer Studio and previewed using Internet Explorer 3.0. Further editing was done using vi. Slides were captured on a Mac using Adobe Photoshop and a Nikon 35mm film scanner. This isn't an endorsement, just a fact. Mail me at

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